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Can a gritty, dark, intense Award-Winning Suspense Thriller be both chilling and meaningful? Yes, Plenty proves the point. When gorgeous, good-hearted, wounded Camille joins a volunteer program to help troubled teens, she meets, falls for and becomes Grant's love interest. Handsome, shrewd, wealthy, powerful Grant, son of small town Sheriff Gordon, feels compelled emotionally and physically to be part of Camille's life despite his father's disapproval. Can heartfelt desire trump nurture to insure a successful loving relationship? Can Grant put aside his selfish, Svengali, only-child behavior to mature into the man he can be? Can naïve Camille become the confident self-actualized woman she longs to be in spite of Grant's shortcomings and her troubled past? Can a long shot at life find her way to bliss?


Plenty captivates as a fast-paced, thought-provoking story about the risky yet all-important road to personal empowerment and happiness in the face of abject adversity. This novel holds special appeal for resourceful strong women who rescue themselves and the men who love them for it.



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